Testimony from Malaysia (3)

Dear DD Solution Management:


Thanks to intriduce me the product Dab....all the while, I'm suffering from the Hong Kong Foot and Hair Fall problems,

As I used to wear sneakers,  my feet were sweating so often that got HongKong foot and suffering from the worms and bacteria, these bacteria corrodes my feet from day to day so severely that my feet being covered by many abscess. After using DAB for several weeks, I see lots of improvements.The feet is clean now, and my hair fall problem is also not seriously as before. Thanks for the product DAB, It is a really good product. I will always support it.

非常感谢介绍我使用Dab。。。之前有一个问题一直严重困扰我,我因为经常穿球鞋脚也经常冒汗所以得了香港脚和沙虫细菌,这些细菌一天一天的侵蚀我的脚底到整片脚底都是一个洞一个洞,还有经常熬夜所以有掉严重脱发,一直到我使用了Dab 两个星期马上就见效了,香港脚没了,脚皮也恢复了不再被细菌侵蚀了。头发也没以前掉的那么严重了,我的困扰都解决了,非常感谢DabDab真的是一个非常非常棒的品,我会一直支持Dab。。。


BY: Coco Lee



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