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Testimony from Malaysia (3)


Dear DD Solution Management:   Thanks to intriduce me the product Dab....all the while, I'm suffering from the Hong Kong Foot and Hair Fall problems, As I used to wear sneakers,  my feet...

Testimony from Ms TEO SG


Dear Mr. xxx, I attach the photos of the Wall Flea samples for the outcoming by using DD101-DOFF. Pic 3 is the result of spraying Doff on the sample. The insect...

Testimony from Malaysia


Dear Mr. xxx, My uncle is a diabetic patient. The photo shown before and after 2 weeks of using Dab. It looks the infected area is healing now. Thank you so...

Testimony from SG


Dear Mr. xxx, I have use ur products ,Dab, on my son's rashes. After using for 3-5 days, the rashes subsides and went off eventually. Thank you so much for introducing...

Testimony from livecom_Malaysia


Dear Mr. xxx, I found your DD101 DAB solution comes with effect to treat the skin disease. One of my friend ihas been suffering from the itch by the skin disease since...

Testimony from Frederick Dorett, Singapo…


Dear Mr. xxx, I found your DD101 cleaning solution very good and effective. I used it on my car to clean off the tar that was splattered all over on one side...

Testimony from Ms Chia, Singapore


  I was stung by a bee on Saturday. I pulled out the sting and apply DD-101 solution on the finger. Immediately the sharp pain was gone and the swelling slowly disappeared.   Best...

Testimony from maid Gina Alfonso, Singap…


I & Irene are 2 maids taking care of cleaning our employers’ 3-storey bungalow. Everyday we will vacuum the parquet & marble floors. Then we add Dettol to water and...

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