Anti-Larvae Solution
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DD-101 DEW335

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VOL: 500 ml


DEW335 is a Hydrocolloid in which the colloid particles are dispersed evenly throughout the water. The water surface contains a non-ionic surfactant, which are effective in breaking down oil.

The substances of the colloidal emulsion or macro-emulsion remain dispersed and do not settle on the bottom. The Hydrocolloids are fatty acids derived from seeds, which are all-natural and absolutely non-toxic. It is also bio-degradable and environmental friendly.
By spraying DEW335 on areas that are potential mosquito-breeding grounds such as open containers, flower pots, roof gutters, drains, gardens, tree rot holes, and any area of standing water, it will prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs, and larvae from turning into adult mosquitoes. It is an effective method of mosquito-control without the need for regular fogging, which is harmful to our health. DEW335 is also very effective in eliminating mosquitos and insects. DEW335 kill insects by emulsified the insects oil- based molecules and not by poisoning them. This is because insect's exoskeleton is composed of Oil-based molecules. 
DEW335 can also be an effective repellent for keeping away biting flies, ticks, mealy bugs, and spider mites from your plants. Add about 5% of DEW335 to the water used for watering plants.
DEW335 is tested to BS EN 1040, JIS Z 2801, Acute Oral Toxicity Study and laboratory evaluation on anti-larvae at Vector Control Research Unit (VCRU).

DEW335 doesn't contain

Ammonia, Alcohol or Chemicals



Purified Water (RO), Tall oil fatty acids, Vegetable oils, Folic Acid, Organic Alcohol and Sodium Bicarbonate


Directions of use: 

1) For Potential Mosquito-Breeding Area: Pour Or Spray The DEW 335 Onto Stagnant Water To Kill Mosquito Larvae And Pupae 2 To 3 Times A Week.
2) For Household And Office: Spray Directly Into Air Or Flying Insects.

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DEW335 Before  After

 Spraying of DEW335 on larvaeV 
      Flower Pot
Spray about 12 sprays of DEW335 on 10/10/16 at 1115 hours
Spray about 10 sprays of DEW335 on 10/10/16 at 1115am
All larvae were either dead or melted



Capacity 500ml
Number mls in packaging: 500
Number mls in box:12

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