Organic Waterless Foam Shampoo a substitute for real bathing
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DD Multicare Waterless Foam Shampoo

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Waterless Foam Shampoo           VOL: 500 ml



DD Multicare Organic Waterless Foam Shampoo is formulated using Nanotechnology. Cats dislike water and rarely need a bath because they often self-groom. However, cats may not have the best hygiene, especially long-haired cats. 



This shampoo acts as a substitute for real bathing and no rinsing is required. It helps to freshen and deodorize the skin and coat. It is an ideal shampoo for spot cleaning especially for pets recovering from illness or surgery. It does not harm wounds and rashes. For best result, spray DD Multicare Organic Anti-Microbial after dry clean at the affected area. 



Tested to B.S. EN 1040, JIS 2801 and Oral Toxicity Study. Hence it is very safe even if it is accidentally ingested and used around the mouth, nose, ears and eyes area.




DD Multicare 2-in-1 Shampoo doesn't contain


Parabens, Sulfate, DEA/MEA, Ammonia and Preservatives





Directions of use: 


1) Dispense a small amount of the shampoo foam onto the palm of your hand or dry cloth or directly on the pet. 

2) Gently massage the cat in downward motion in the direction of fur growth - starting from the face, ears, neck and towards the tail. For long-haired cats, brush the cat's coat thoroughly first. 

3) Rub and massage the pet gently with a big and dry towel. For long haired cats, brush the coat until it is completely dry or dry the coat with a hairdryer if preferred.






Purified water, natural vanilla, fatty acids, vegetable and plant-based enzymes and minerals, coconut oil, folic acids and very mild food-grade fragrance. 


Capacity 500ml
Number mls in packaging: 500
Number mls in box:9

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