The way it works

Based on the amazing new Technology, DD-101 utilizes submicroscopic particle which is measured only at about 2~4nm in size and creating an energy field of negative-negative ions. It works by actually penetrating and breaking up oil molecules into soluble, biodegradable components.


When applying DD-101 onto the organic substance (dirt and grime particles ) which comprises hydrocarbon particles measuring in size at about 50~100 times larger compared to the DD-101’s molecule, the very tiny active molecule clusters come into contact with a hydrocarbon molecule. The center of the molecule bonds to a similar hydrophobic hydrocarbon. It disrupts the attraction to other hydrocarbon molecules and/or to the surface. The action of a single molecule cluster is multiplied by billions of other molecule clusters. The molecular level emulsification process penetrates highly viscous and sticky materials, lifting them from the surface to which they adhere.


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