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This amazing product DD-101 was originally developed for use in cleaning up the massive oil spills that frequently ravage the world's oceans and coastlines.

Users are reporting "unlimited" benefits of the solution, using it to replace hundreds of toxic chemicals for virtually every imaginable application. Considering the damage inflicted on life and the planet by harsh cleaners and solvents, DD-101 represents one of exceptional advances toward environmental preservation and restoration.


DD-101 Natural organic solution cleans anything and everything that's washable.


Even though DD-101 is strong enough to be able to dissolve hard engine grease, it is still safe enough to wash a baby!

It can be used in virtually every cleaning situation imaginable. In most cases DD-101 Natural Organic solution outperforms toxic solvents, detergents, and cleaning products that it replaces. From household use (general cleaning, laundry, dishwashing, etc.) to personal hygiene to commercial and industrial applications, toxin-free DD-101 does it all, and does best. It is the clear choice for people who have understood the short- and long-term dangers of constant exposure to the toxic cleaners that have been in widespread use up until now. Organic solution DD-101 is a natural antibacterial germ fighter.

Bugs of all kinds avoid areas upon which the solution has been applied, indicating that it may form the basis for the first truly safe class of insecticides.


To view some of the many uses of DD-101, Click Here to view the User Guide.


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