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DD Solution (S) Pte Ltd (previously known as IBC Global Pte Ltd) was incorporated in 1988 in Singapore.

A member company of the larger Great Eastern Providence Group (“The GEP Group”) which has investments in storage infrastructure for Liquefied Natural Gas ( “LNG” ), petroleum, chemical and related products, retail gasoline station, the manufacturing of industrial packaging products, the provision of intermediate bulk containers (“IBC”) for leasing and the relevant logistics services as well as property development as it also contributes to the welfare of society by supporting disabled people and the field of arts and entertainment.

In the course of providing the use of IBC for transporting and storing food products all over the world and having to clean the IBC when they are returned to us and preparing them for subsequent re-use, we have come to realize how important are cleaning products, the chemicals which go into making them and the unseen impact and consequences on lives and  the environment.

People have come to notice their coarse and chapped hands along with a prickling sensation from time to time after washing the dishes at home, cleaning up the kitchen etc. and have tried to solve their problems by wearing plastic gloves to protect their hands when they do the cleaning work. Look around us and see how much toxic chemicals are being absorbed by our bodies everyday from every direction, causing serious health consequences to ourselves and our loved ones. According to the American Lung Association, the studies on human exposure to air pollutants indicate that indoor air levels of many pollutants may be 2~5 times higher than outdoor air levels, and could be up to 100 times higher in some cases as in a newly built or renovated house or in some particular confined space. These high levels of indoor pollutants are of particular concern because it is estimated that most people spend as much as 90 percent of their lifetime indoors. Areas in which continuous and long-term exposure may occur -- such as homes, schools and workplace -- are of the greatest health concern.  On the other hand, the truth is that our own homes are the only places where we can completely control our families' exposure to dangerous, health depriving, life depriving toxins.

It might not be possible to totally stop chemicals from coming into our lives, but we are able to influence the number of products which contained toxins from being used in our homes, in our schools and workplaces! Not only will those products do harm to ourselves and our families, they will also cause harm to the environment and jeopardize our offspring eventually when the effluents and residues with toxic substances become unavoidable discharge into the atmosphere.

In 2011, we made available to the market a natural organic cleaning solution, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable product--------DD 101!

We have since released thousands of litres of DD-101 by way of donation for various purposes. The feedback from users has been inspiring and very encouraging to us.

We are delight to present this honor product, we are delight to serve the people and this world. We believe we are doing the right thing and doing good for ourselves and for others.

Our Motto:

Prevention is better than cure.

Our Motivation:

75% of the world is living below poverty level. Medical treatment is beyond their reach. Yet thanks to us, they are contracting all kinds of disease as we the affluent discharge more effluents into the air. How could we replace pesticides that ultimately made their way into our bodies through the food we took?  How to depend less on the harmful chemicals that have now become an inevitable part of our lives? 

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