DD-101 ---a natural organic solution, non-toxic, baby safe, powerful and versatile, beyond imagination! It’s especially for those who are chemical sensitive or immune system compromised.

DD-101 Natural Organic solution is Biodegradable cleaning creation. DD-101 is the product of a scientific quantum leap forward with nanotechnology. Its powerful cleaning action is the product of a scientific breakthrough that will make most, if not all of the currently used toxic products obsolete. It has successfully explored a new approach to the science of cleaning.

The comprised active molecules are very, very tiny and each particle is electro magnetically charged. The innovative amazing technology allows DD-101 to effectively break down oils, grease, grime and dirt as well or better than any other cleaner currently on the market...AND more importantly, it does all this work naturally without ANY toxic synthetic ingredients. It is so safe that even people who are extremely chemically sensitive may use it with complete confidence.


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News & Events

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